Myanmar, Baby! (engl.)

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We are travelling to Myanmar and you can be part of our adventure! Explore this magnificent country together with 5 other girls and of course Going Exploring.

Together we will hike through the mountains on the search for the most remote villages, watch the sunrise over the temples of Bagan and enjoy ourselves at the most stunning beaches around Ngapali Beach. Check out the whole itinerary:

Day 1 & 2: YANGON

Everyone will arrive in Yangon on our first day. On day one we’ll take it slow and try to get rid of our jetlag. You have got the chance to meet your fellow travel mates and enjoy a great first Burmese dinner.

On day two sightseeing is on the program. We will dive deep into the wonderful Burmese culture and visit pagodas, crazy pagodas and the busy harbour before taking the overnight bus to Kalaw.

Day 3-6: KALAW

The first big adventure is finally going to happen. After a night in the bus we will first spend a day in Kalaw and visit the markets, cycle around town and enjoy a warm shower and comfy bed. The next 3 days will be spent in the mountains without any electricity or fluent water. We will hike up and down the small sand ways, leaving farms, water buffalos and stunning views behind. During the night local families will provide us with shelter and show us their way of living. To speed everything up a little we will head down the mountains with mountain bikes on the last day of our hike.


After our long and exhausting hike we have made it to Inle Lake. There a boat is already waiting for us. We will cross the big lake, watch local fishermen work and see the floating gardens before getting off in Nyaungshwe where we enjoy a well-deserved hot shower and a proper mattress. This is also the place where we will learn how to cook Burmese dishes.

Our last stop: Ngapali Beach


The second biggest city of the country is already waiting for us: Mandalay. There, we will explore the largest book of the world, get to the city’s highest point and visit the king’s palace. On day 10 we will jump into a boat one more time and head towards Mingun to visit the most magnificent temples there are.

DAY 11 & 12: BAGAN

The place everyone knows from Instagram already is on our schedule next. Be ready to witness the most stunning sunrise of your life while hot air balloons are going up over the mountains. During the days we will cruise along the sand streets with e-scooters and explore the area.


A long bus drive lies ahead of us. After a short stop in Pyay and a crazy drive over the mountains we will finally reach the beach where we can just relax, explore the area, snorkel, kayak and walk along the endlessly long white sanded beaches.


After another overnight bus ride we are back in Yangon. Unfortunately, our ways are parting here and 17 fun filled and exhausting days are over already.

NOTE: the deposit is not refundable, registrations will open on April 10th.

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