FAQ (engl.)

Before you send us an email with your questions, check if they might be answered here already.

Who is my tour guide?

Every tour will be accompanied by at least one member of Going Exploring. We will be there for you 24/7 and join all activities and sleep in the same hotels like you. Also, we are “experts” of the regions we are travelling to meaning that we will provide you with all the information you need about country and people and translate for you if necessary.

Are there any requirements to join an adventure?

You only have to be at least 18 years old and a woman.

Why only women?

Through personal experience, we know, that more women need encouragement when it comes to exploring foreign places off the grid. We simply want to encourage all those ladies out there!

Do I need to have a certain fitness level to join the adventures?

It is for sure helpful to be physically fit but all our adventures can be done by basically everyone. You are in charge of the pace on hikes and you can decide before every activity whether you want to join or not! You don’t want to join the surf lesson? No worries, you can hang out at the beach/pool or we’ll help you arrange something totally different.

Are the adventures dangerous?

No. Simply follow the rules especially when we get in touch with wild animals. Make sure you got all your vaccines updated which are recommended for the destination and you should have the time of your life!

Do I have to pay the whole amount at once?

No. You only need to pay the 400 USD fee so that we can save a spot for you. The rest of the amount can either be paid directly or split into two rates. It is only important that we will receive the whole amount at least 4 weeks before the adventure starts. You will receive an information sheet about this topic including the dates the payment has to be made once you have booked with us.

What happens if I get sick just before the adventure?

First of all that would be really sad. In that case we will of course pay you back. We will only keep the 400 Dollar deposit which is not refundable.

What is the sleeping situation like?

We will stay in all different kinds of accommodations from guest houses, under the stars in the jungle, hotels and fancy villas hoping to show you a whole range of possibilities.

You will be sharing a room with 2 or 3 other travellers. Of course, it is possible to get a room to yourself. Just mention it in your booking request and we will adjust the price.

Are all meals included?

Yes, except on market visits. Please let us know of all your allergies before we head off to our adventure. But don’t worry, you will have to fill out a form when booking where you can let us know about your diet. We will make sure that there is more than enough fresh food available incl. fruits, coffee and cookies in between meals. No one will have to be hungry!

Am I insured through Going Exploring?

No. You are not and we advise you to get a traveller’s insurance from whatever country you are from in case something should happen.

How much luggage can I bring?

That depends on your flight. 15 Kilos should be more than enough though. We don’t mind whether you join is with a backpack or suitcase, just bring a small day pack for our tours. You will get a whole packing list once you have booked with us.

If these FAQ didn’t help you, feel free to contact us via info@goingexploring.de or on WhatsApp +4915751753240. We will come back to you as soon as we can!

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