Make your stay in Southeast Asia much easier with these apps (and save some cash!):

No. 1: Grab

I am using Grab all the time. To everyone that has never heard of it, it’s like Uber an online Taxi which you can order in most countries all over Southeast Asia from Myanmar over Malaysia to Indonesia. There are also other functions like Food Delivery or even a pick up service for parcels.

No. 2: MapsMe

Especially useful in remote areas like Myanmar. Mapsme has points of interest saved into a map with photos and descriptions. I have only recently started using it but I am already a fan! Absolutely helpful when it comes to finding great places for sunrise and sunset for example.

all photos have been edited with Lightroom (No. 5)

No. 3: GoogleMaps

I usually never buy local sim cards when travelling to avoid being stuck on my phone, however it is absolutely useful to be able to navigate around. GoogleMaps allows you to download a certain area which you can use offline. You can even search for stuff just as you would while being online.

No. 4: Translater

No matter if it’s Google Translater or some sort of other one. It is always good to be able to at least translate single words when a language barrier is too big. Saved me a couple of times in Laos and Myanmar in restaurants or when trying to buy a bus ticket.

No. 5: Lightroom

For me by for the most convinient App to use to quickly touch up my photos before uploading them. Safe your own presets to get everything done super quick.

No. 6: Finding travel mates

There are plenty of Apps when it comes to finding travel mates. Check out Trip Together or Travel Sisters (Female-only). Another way to find travel buddies before an adventure is to join Facebook Groups such as “Backpackers Southeast Asia”.

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